T21 Hub Update

Hellooooo it’s been nearly two months since I last wrote a blog so I have chose to give you an update as I’m feeling aware of my lack of productivity. As a recent finalist in the Mums in Business Blogging Award, this is ridiculous. I started to question why I haven’t actually completed a blog recently; there have been several half written from ‘Why I chose Special School over Mainstream’ to more recently ‘Why I Chose to Self Distance Early’ but I’ve not completed them; so today I give you a T21 Hub Update.

MIBA Blogger Finalist

Earlier this year I started to question, panic and feel completely at a loss about what I should, shouldn’t be blogging about. In the haste to have more views on my blog and understand more about SEO and google I got caught up in the world of learning and not doing. I got caught up in the world of Imposter Syndrome (why would anyone read this) and I got caught up in the world of I’ll do it tomorrow; as we all know tomorrow never comes.

Updates as I haven’t been doing nothing I have been supporting the awesome charity Wouldn’t Change a Thing with their twitter account. I have been supporting the amazing local Bury Parent Forum Group Bury2Gether to create and support more inclusive events on top of my roles with the fastest growing online women’s community group Mums in Business Association as both local coordinator for Prestwich and Bury and as their Social Media Manager.
Update, whilst I didn’t win the MIBA Blogger Award I did win the MIBA Pay It Forward Category, yay!

Update, I did win one award!

I have still continued to raise awareness and share resources for Down Syndrome via my daughters page Ellie’s Secrets and this always be my number one priority. However I have found a love for social media over the years and have recently started to share what I have learnt with others. I have set up a new Facebook group to support other carers who are working to understand social media platforms so they can increase their awareness See SENse and over the coming months I’ll be sharing more resources with you all. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more

And that my friend is my update!
My final thoughts to you all and to share what I have learnt recently and given unprecedented times with the Coronavirus are
– Don’t put off doing what you need to do
– Relax, aim for your best not perfection
– Go with your gut instinct at all times, it’s often right
– Ask for help then take the advice (don’t ask it from everyone though, it’ll get conflicting)
– Be yourself, learn daily; don’t aspire to be someone else
– Be kind to yourself and if you’ve got through the day, you’re winning at life!

Thanks for reading, I would love to know how you are right now and I will be back sooner rather than later
Until Next Time
Sharon x

Self Care for a Carer

Self Care, what is that I hear you say? Well let’s talk about why self care is important and those little activities that you can incorporate into your every day life to take some time out from being a carer and should put a smile on your face.

Let’s start with what is self care? I have to admit, in my humble opinion, I believe self care has become a ‘buzz word’ of today that has been recently created but I still feel it is extremely important for survival as a human being, even more so as a parent and vital as a carer.

A definition of self care – the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

Now, how important was that for you to hear, ‘improve one’s health.’ As a carer you have to spend a lot of time looking after someone else’s health and needs; either older or younger and in addition to your own health and more often than not your own family.

Don’t get to this

Why is self care important? You may have heard the phrase if you’re running on empty how can you help others’ and that really is the simplicity of it. You cannot complete your role as a carer from your sick bed. Therefore it is vital to stay as healthy as you can and understand when it is time to take a step back here is what one mum said recently about self care.

I got myself into this really negative place where I’d just feel guilty and shit, that I wasn’t doing enough all the time. I’d get stressed super quickly because I put myself under so much pressure, then shout, then feel more rubbish and so on.

So I consciously took a step back and really focused on all the stuff I do that’s great, or even just the stuff that’s OK, normal stuff! We do so much every day that takes physical and mental effort but I definitely only focused on all the stuff I thought I wasn’t doing x

Next let’s look at what activities can be classed as self care and whilst some of these activities might seem unusual even ordinary to you, they do work for a few parents that I know. Self care is vital and it needs doing regularly for both our health and our sanity. There were several categories that were considered ordinary to turn to from crocheting, to hitting the gym, to even enjoying the (occasional or daily) glass of wine. Reading was another important wind down whether done before bed or sat in the car whilst playing taxi service.

Other additional self care activities that some might not even consider activities were watching the TV, simply eating, getting a decent sleep, having a shower or even a warm cuppa. Some considered more extravagant self care activities from pamper massages, spa breaks to drinking champagne and even hitting the beach. Gardening, horse riding, singing and yes it was said ‘locking yourself in the bathroom’ (we have all been there!), were many of the activities chosen from carers, hopefully there will be one that will suit you too.

Whatever activities you do decide on, choose to do some daily, some weekly and some less often, but do them. These self care activities will help you, maybe slightly, help your health, reduce your stress as a carer and just maybe put a smile on your face.


As always, thank you for reading and I hope you have found some value in this. I would love to know if you leave a comment, what your favourite self care activity is or message me directly via any of the links @linktr.ee/shaz_crowley

Until Next Time
Sharon x