An Interview With…..Empathy Holistics

I met with Emmy King aka Empathy Holistics at Boomerang in Bury. The meeting was arranged to see how we could support one another business. As we got chatting I chose to interview her to understand more about the business and then see how we could collaborate. Here the interview unfolds.

The Beginning!

In 2006, yes that’s correct that is how long Empathy Holistics has been going, Emmy set up the business with the help of The Princess Trust. Emmy had always wanted to help people through relaxation and with treatments that were handmade products within a group session.

Emmy had previously worked with Neals Yards remedies in Manchester and had studies at the University of Salford with ‘Complimentary Medicine and Counselling. At a very young age of 24, Emmy suffered with an odd migraine attack and this was her turning point, why was she so stressed? Hence the beginning of relaxation sessions as an aromatherapist using oils was born, aka Empathy Holistics

Relaxation Sessions for babies with Empathy Holistics

Why is Empathy Holistics Unique?

It was mentioned that there are many relaxation sessions around these days for babies and toddlers but Emmy assured me that is no franchise, there is no branding rights as this business was built by her for her customers. Emmy personally tailors each session to suit the individuals and will adapt it at any point during, before or after the session for next time. Emmy asks her customers what is it they actually want and this is her unique selling point as the feedback from her customers has informed her she is on the right track. Her customers have told her that with some other relaxation sessions they were made to feel that they were “doing things all wrong with their child” or they were actually reduced to tears.

A tailored session for Empathy Holistics

What is the Future for Empathy Holistics?

As of today Empathy Holistics has been running successfully for over 13 years and classes can currently be found at
– Boomerang in Bury
– Eddy Bears in Farnworth
– Chetham Farm Retreat on a Monday

Emmy wants to continue to provide a need for mums and whilst she won’t initially consider a franchise she realises how much this business has helped her and how it can help so many other mums with confidence, getting out of the house and of course extra income; so may consider offering training.

Enjoying some quality relaxing time with babies

If you would like to get in touch with Emmy please visit

I hope you have enjoyed this interview and I will keep you posted about our collaboration. We are currently considering offering a relaxation session to teenagers and their parent with Down Syndrome. If you would like to hear more about events like this and you are a parent to a child in the North Manchester area with Down Syndrome, please do join our group

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A Review of Mahdlo Youth Club in Oldham

Welcome to our review series, this time we get to review a youth club based in Oldham. When I say we, I mean myself and my daughter Ellie who has Down Syndrome. Therefore we try to see how inclusive and accessible these places are. Why Mahdlo, read on?

I recently saw Mahdlo advertise an activity for children with additional needs on a Down Syndrome community page began to investigate immediately as I still can’t decide whether more facilities are needed or if they are out there and simply not being shared. Thus I went along for a visit with Ellie to get a feel for the place and here is our review.

The Building Review

The building is currently undergoing some work with extra space being added for more facilities which is brilliant. However there is no parking outside, which needs to be addressed but if you hold a blue badge you can park on near by streets and the main road. The building itself is over two floors with lots of rooms for various activities and has a cafe on site. The cafe is ideal for parents to grab a coffee or a quick lunch when the children are accessing the activities. It is a spacious building and the ground floor was extremely wide with enough room for several people to walk through at once.

The Activities Review

There are lots of activities at the centre for both children with and without additional needs and all be accessed via the website
The one that caught my attention was the family afternoon which is every week on a Sunday for families with additional needs. Check out these pictures as I was openly in awe of everything that was going on, from climbing, to trampolining to cooking. There was nothing missing.

The Staff Review

The staff were both welcoming and friendly which is what you would like to see when visiting new places with a child with additional needs. There were several staff available in all the different areas at all times so you could easily get advice, support and the children were fully supported. There was a lovely lady called Amy who was due to have a baby within days and actually got on the trampoline with Ellie to guide her so she was safe.
We even had a chat about atlanto-axial instability which showed their knowledge and I shared this link with them for further guidance
Amy Taylor, the Ability Co-Ordinator met myself and Ellie on the day and gave us the guided tour. I appreciated that she spoke to Ellie and not over her, she included her when she could and even asked for a high five at the end.


I cannot wait to go back to this centre and get Ellie fully involved. The membership is £5 annually plus 50p a visit or you can pay as you go for as little as £1.00. It’s only 20 minutes outside of Bury and I really wish every council had one of these sites available to allow access for those that cannot drive.
Please do message myself or Amy if you would like any further questions answering and keep me posted if you go for a visit.

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My goal is to get as many inclusive events and activities shared on social media to help other parents with children with additional needs stay informed. If you would like me to come and offer a review of your place, please contact me by email at

Recently I found out I was listed in the Top 100 bloggers about Down Syndrome so there will be plenty more blogs coming from me. To stay tuned, follow the blog.

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